Sponsor Center

Discover Fearless is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with the ambition of helping people discover a fearless life in Christ, free from anxiety, fear and depression. We recognize healing happens most commonly one step at a time and that anxiety and depression covers a broad spectrum of issues.

To address these issues Discover Fearless will offer conferences, workshops, webinars, perk days (free chair massages), podcasts—any avenue best able to reach, educate, and support people who are in bondage.

As the founder of this nonprofit, I’ve chosen to not pull any salary from Discover Fearless, so all money given goes strictly to operations. I will use my platform as a worship leader and blogger to raise awareness.

I’ve created a “Sponsor Center” where you can give to certain areas. For example, a speaker fee or bottled water.

I’m guiltlessly asking you to help me offer support to surrounding communities. My most pressing need at the moment is to pay off $2500 for start-up assistance through Foundation Group and $850 for the application processing fee for approval by the IRS.

All donations made to Discover Fearless are tax deductible, as of December 14, 2016.

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