Discover Fearless is a faith-based ministry, dedicated to helping people discover a more fearless life, free from anxiety, fear and depression.



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Speaking Topics


Safe House: The Insecure Security

A safe house is a place where one may engage in secret activities or take refuge. We need security, but not everything we depend on is stable enough to hold the weight of our lives. Yet, people feel safe in these insecure securities called safe houses. In regards to anxiety, safe houses take the form of self reliance, isolation, consumption, routine, and relationship. 

Maneuvering Your Way Through PTSD with the Holy Spirit

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an invasive mental disorder fed by the triggers around us. PTSD has the ability to consume your life, but it is no match for Great God. “Maneuvering Your Way Through PTSD with the Holy Spirit” is a testimony of how Meagan recovered from her diagnosis, and became free from the bondage it had over her life. 

How to Start and Grow Your Own Blog

Did you know that your obedience to starting a blog could change someone’s life? We all have stories to tell of how God has impacted our lives. Starting your own blog is as easy as registering, but growing a blog can be a challenge. In this session, you will develop an idea, create content, and make a plan to insure a successful blog.

Writing Seminar

Want to start a blog, write a book, or make a little extra money as a freelance writer? The writing seminar will put pen to paper and plans in action. By the end of this session, you will have a goal and directions on how to launch your new writing career. 

Healing and Anxiety

When Jesus came to the earth we see a big part of his ministry as healing the sick. Anxiety is a sickness of the mind. Does healing from anxiety exist? Why do some experience immediate healing and others do not? This session takes a deeper look into scriptures, testimonials, and the dangers of cult-like healers.